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010015 Men's tracksuits Geographical Norway

In winter it is important that sports and home clothes are comfortable, convenient, 

comfortable and warm. Warmed men's tracksuits from the French company Geographical Norway will provide your clients with freedom of movement in any environment and keep them warm even in the coldest time.

Sweatshirts (Model WW4779H) with zip, adjustable hood and comfortable pockets.

Sports trousers (Model WW5828H) with side pockets and a patch pocket at the back, adjustable at the waist.

Suits with fleece insulation inside.

Composition: 65% cotton.
Colours: black, red, grey, navy and dark grey.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Minimum order of 60 pieces (30 sweatshirts and 30 trousers).
Average weight 50.0kg.

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