H&M Group

Empowers customers to express themselves through fashion and design. H&M is a fashion brand

that offers the latest styles and inspirations.

& Other Stories creates collections with attention to detail and quality.

Arket represents Scandinavian tradition of a functional, robust design with a distinct minimalism.

The collections of COS combine consistent quality with timeless design.

The mix of well-known brands from the H&M group consists of pants, sweaters, casual and elegant dresses, t-shirts, summer dresses, tunics, jeans, sweatshirts, skirts, 3/4 pants, sweatshirts, underwear, tights and other fashionable, high-quality clothing for men, women and children.

10% of all clothing is & Other Stories, Arket and COS.

With a wide selection of styles, your customers will easily find the right clothes for their wardrobe for all seasons.

A wide range of models and sizes.
All garments without paper labels, but with fabric labels.
3-4% of garments may have minor but repairable defects.
Total quantity of about 10.000kg

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