Sweet Years watches

Men's and women's watches from the famous Italian company
owned by the famous football players Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri

Sweet Years are intended for those who love life, for modern residents of megacities - energetic, passionate, successful and purposeful, who are used to keeping up with the times.
The brand logo: a big red heart, adorns the dials and bracelets of most watch models.

The housings are made of plastic (acrylic) or stainless steel.
The dials have different shapes, some are inlaid with zirconia.
The bracelets are made of genuine leather, textile and polished steel.
Many of them bear the name of the company.
A variety of patterns and colors.
Glass: mineral.
Movement: Japanese quartz.

All new brand watches are equipped with tags in the original demo boxes and certificates.

The watch is without batteries, however all common watch batteries are suitable for it.

In stock 5000 watches

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