Men's and women's socks MIX
indispensable item

Such an inconspicuous but so indispensable item of clothing. Regardless of the weather and season, socks are an essential part of everyday life. Each is own criteria for choosing socks. For some, flawless quality is especially important, for some, the manufacturer, brand name and color is important.

In our collection, your customers will find their (and more than a pair) favorite socks from well-known brands such as HIS, Black & Parker, Apollo, Kappa, Lotto, Cerruti 1881, Pierre Cardin, Gallo, Bugatti, Pierre Mantoux, Chimsee, KangaRoos and Terry Socks, Ziki, Funcky Steps, Fruit of the Loom, Dim and others.

Composition: cotton with a small addition of spandex.
Different models and different sizes. About 60% men's socks and 40% women's socks.
The minimum purchase quantity is on average 13.6 - 14.0 kg.